Business Plan

  • Location: Near Mokpo, Jeollanam-do, between Yeongam Lake and Kumho Lake (Jeollanam-do Haenam-gun Sanyi-myeon Guseong-ri)
  • Area for development and business size: Approximately 21 K㎡ (6.34 million pyeong : 16(4.82 million pyeong of reclaimed land) and 5(1.52 million pyeong of original land)), population of 50,000-100,000, 6 trillion won of business expenses (About 5.3 billion USD)
  • Construction company: Southwest Coast Enterprisecity Development Co., Ltd.
  • Business period: 2010-2030 (First stage: 2010-2021)
  • Progress: J Project (People’s Government) → S Project (Early stages of state participation) → Selected as an example business city (Late stages of state participation) → Establishment of Solaseado Smart City Master Plan

Solaseado Geography


  • Generation of job opportunities through regenerative energy-based smart city, high-tech agriculture and smart tourism and leisure industry
  • Encouraging the influx of young population through ICT industry (where technologies from the Fourth Industrial Revolution and related industries are combined) and venture openings
  • Encouraging the influx of metropolitan residents that want a safe and convenient life at low costs

Industrial development

  • Regenerative Energy Industry
    • Establishment of large-scale solar power generator and energy storage system (ESS)
    • Construction of Energy and New Technological Innovation Growth Complex
  • High-tech Agriculture
    • The city as temperate climate and has large reclaimed land, which makes it very similar to the Netherlands
    • Establishment of logistics system that are advantageous for ships and planes
    • Construction of 100ha Smart Farm Cluster and Solar Power Agricultural Complex
  • Self-driving Electric Car City
    • Construction of Self-driving transportation system (roads/communication infrastructure)
    • Creating a carbon-car-free city through provision of electric cars charged only through electricity produced by solar energy
    • Through V2G industry and shared transport service, we aim to create a city with zero transportation fees
  • Tourism and Leisure City
    • The world’s only Smart Tourism City where the city and the lives within it become a tourist attraction
    • Activation of local economy as the base complex of South West Jeonnam tourism and leisure industry, which focuses on marine tourism
  • Creative/Intelligence Industry
    • Introduction of Blockchain platform in Solaseado commerce and finance
    • Provision of services based on Big-Data and construction of Data Driven Smart City
    • Construction of Venture towns with facilities such as Youth Innovation Center and building of Global Data Center within the city

Anticipated Effects

  • Liaising with Government-led Innovation Growth Businesses
    • Liaising with policy businesses of Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Land and Ministry of Science and ICT
    • Maximizing employment opportunities through developing businesses within the city
    • Planning on carrying out 4 out of 8 Innovation Growth Businesses by the government (Regenerative Energy Industry, Smart City, Self-Driving Automobile, Smart Farm)
      ※ The 8 Innovation Growth Businesses by the government: Regenerative Energy Industry, Smart City, Self-driving Automobile, Smart Farm, Super-connectivity Intelligence, Smart Factory, FinTech, Drone)
  • Creating employment opportunities through large scale investments (Total of 6 trillion won, creating 18,000 jobs every year)
  • Will serve as the standard model of a globalized Smart City for export businesses

Future Plans

  • First Stage Business 9.9(3 million pyeong) Construction finishes at the end of 2021
2018 - Establishment of a Master Plan
  • Establishment of First Stage Plan
  • Design of facilities and construction of appropriate foundation
    (Main road, golf courses)
  • Construction of solar complex starts
2019 - Start of Construction/Some finished
  • First stage plan/construction
  • Lotting-out/construction of houses and housing land,
    Landmark (Community complex) construction starts
  • Construction of High-tech Agricultural Complex
  • Solar Complex and golf course finished
End of 2021 - Construction finished/citizens move in
  • First stage construction of 3 million pyeong finished
  • First stage: Citizens start to move in (2021)

Development concept