About Solaseado

Solaseado is a future city created from a collaboration between natural resources and scientific technology.
The city is run solely through solar energy, and all its citizens share the advantages of a future civilization, in this renewable energy-based smart city where the new technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution comes into play.

Why Solaseado

A city with industry and jobs
A future city full of new industries and innovation
A future city with industry and jobs, Solaseado
A city with innovation and start-up businesses by young people
A creative city with unlimited possibilities
Solaseado leads the Fourth Industrial Revolution
A city with a safe and convenient life
A rural smart city
A city that recognizes who I am, Solaseado
A city that takes full advantage of a future civilization
A city that shares the its affluent values
A sustainable future civilization city, Solaseado

Trip Solaseado

Solaseado is a city where all its citizens can share the benefits of a future civilization.