The city has country’s best insolation and adequate sea breeze, which makes it the perfect city for solar power generators.
A zero-carbon city is based on eco-friendly energy production and demands, and is an energy ecosystem where corporations and the people co-exist.
Solar Power City
  • Construction of large scale solar power complex on cheap reclaimed land and big lakes (first stage: 98MW → second stage: 2GW)
  • A regenerative energy fusion cluster
Smart Energy City
  • Regenerative energy-based electric car charging
  • IoT based energy management and saving solution
  • Energy sharing economy through energy prosumer, and transactions between individuals
Eco-friendly housing
  • Zero-energy housing
  • Example electric energy housing complex

Methods of creating a zero-carbon city

By constructing an energy conversion system in development/transport/housing, in order to create an energy independent city.