Smart City-type tourism and leisure city is where the lifestyles of people living in Solaseado become tourist attractions
Tourist activities are connected to city culture and technology, and tourists are able to enjoy the ICT-based services
A water-friendly leisure town that takes full advantage of the exquisite natural environment and water resources
  • Water park & Spa, Therapy
  • Marina & Marine leisure sports
  • Ocean & Sunset village
  • Seafood market
  • Shops on the edge of the water & ecological park
Healing leisure city that strives for healthy lives within the environment
  • Solar energy theme park
  • Solar farm (high-tech agriculture theme park)
  • Namdo food culture village
  • Hanryu media park
  • Healthcare resort
Basis of smart tourism cities in Northeast Asia and Southwest coast
  • Smart golf
  • International school
  • Convention hotel
  • Global avenue (shopping complex)
  • Innovation valley (start-up assistance center)

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