A city that solves environmental problems by stopping the usage of carbon cars, and providing its citizens and visitors with electric cars
Self-driving sharing transportation service will relieve traffic jam, decrease in accidents, and provide cheap, quality transport services
Driving Free –
safe and efficient self-driving city
  • Self-driving shuttle service
  • Self-driving taxi service
  • Self-driving logistics/delivery service
  • Infrastructure built for self-driving
Carbon Free –
eco-friendly electric car only city
  • Policies put in place to prevent carbon cars (Energy consumption regulation and pass regulation)
  • Operation of transfer terminal complex
  • Infrastructure for electric car charging constructed
Cost Free –
low-cost shared transportation city
  • Mini electric car sharing service
  • Personal mobility sharing service
  • Self-driving electric car sharing service

Solaseado’s intelligent traffic system

Solaseado’s road and motorway plans

Carbon cars are allowed on the main roads, but are not allowed on roads smaller than that unless granted special access
Through transfer center complex (located at the edge of the city) and transfer car parks, the city provides drivers with transportation services
Designated lanes for carbon cars, electric cars and self-driving cars on roads will help create an eco-friendly city. Digital infrastructure (5G, C-ITS) will also create the best self-driving road environment possible

Solaseado’s limited carbon car access