Construction of smart city infrastructure based on AI/ICT technology (Solar power station, Smart Far, self-driving and electric cars)
The city connects people and technology, thus allowing co-existence between citizens and businesses, as well as caring for socially disadvantaged people
Smart public services for happy citizens
  • Smart city security service
  • Smart environmental service
  • Smart healthcare service
  • Smart education services
  • Smart Well Life service
Data Driven city operation platform
  • Solaseado AI City-based city management
  • Blockchain platform for sharing and participation
  • Hyper Connectivity infrastructure
Venture and start-up ecosystem
  • Young innovation start-up center will be rent free (10,000 pyeong, 500 homes, offices and leisure spaces)
  • Global tech companies to come to Solaseado
  • Connection with Solaseado’s smart businesses (Smart Farm, Smart Solar Power, AI/Blockchain, etc.)

Future city platform

Solaseado, based on ICT technology, allows for low-cost city management and citizen participation

Customer Experience

※ Smart and Connected Life Scenario of Solaseado citizen