Throughout human history, new civilization and innovation were found in places where creative people gather.
People that gather in cities with a solid economic basis start to indulge in creative activities.
Hence, a method of luring in these creative population involves new industries and related businesses, as well as research activities.
This was the reason why the Silicon Valley was the leader of ICT revolution.
Through the influx of creative and innovative population, the economy develops and the region grows.

Solaseado, a city that leads the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Various new industries and research activities based on different technologies, which will lead the 4th Industrial Revolution, will take place in Solaseado.
Smart farm, smart city, energy industries and self-driving automobiles will be promoted as the nation’s main innovation growth industries, and substantiation of related national quests will also happen.
Solaseado will also provide the basis so that creative population and youths, who will lead R&D activities related to smart farm, energy cluster, self-driving automobiles and other innovative activities, gather in the city.
The city will offer youth venture town site, which amounts to about 10,000 pyeong, so that youths can work and relax, as well as making and creating workplaces and homes that they want.
This will be the basis of venture ideas, and an ecosystem that can be used in construction of smart city infrastructure and various other services will also be created.