The happiness of citizens comprises of values such as economic opportunities including income and jobs, housing, education, health and safety, eco-friendliness and sustainability.
In an overcrowded city, the quality of life falls rapidly, and people start to spend more time and energy on solving problems rather than striving for innovation and creativity.

A rural smart city, Solaseado

Solaseado, in an attempt to improve the quality of life and happiness index, strives for a rural smart city that is eco-friendly and low density, based on its natural resources
Low density housing complex and self-driving electric cars based on electricity from solar power allow for a healthy life in a clean environment
Also, with the help of technologies such as artificial intelligence and blockchain, as well as smart city infrastructure based on data analysis, provide the citizens with the services they need. This way, socially disadvantaged people such as the elderly or children can be safer.
Solaseado Smart City Management Center recognizes natural disasters due to climate change, such as flooding, extreme heat or draught, in advance, thus providing a response plan by liaising with relevant government agencies. Through this, the city protects you, your family and neighbors.
Life in Solaseado is safe and convenient.