Our civilization began as people started to share economic abundance and live leisurely lives.
These people were able to develop culture, arts and other technologies, and others also benefited from such rich civilizations.
A place where cutting-edge technology contributes to sustainable production of food and energy, thus leading to abundance and leisure, will be the ‘new future civilization city’.

A sustainable future civilization city, Solaseado

Solar power cells and smart farms are the new infrastructures of Solaseado, a future city.
Its citizens contribute the operation of smart farms, produce electricity from solar power and share the values generated.
They share housing with eco-friendly electricity and eco-friendly electric self-driving automobiles, which enables them to live low-cost lives as well as share the benefits of the city’s increased values.
With time gained from cutting-edge technology, people can invest in creative activities and enjoy various themed tours and sport leisure activities.
R&D activities happen in Solaseado’s main research facilities and schools, whereas venture towns take the responsibility of substantiating it and developing it into a business, which creates an ecosystem where dreams come true through new experiments and adventures.
WORK-LIVE-PLAY-LEARN! Solaseado is a sustainable future civilization city.